Wednesday, December 3, 2008

Am I an Idiot?


As many of you are aware I got laid off 2 weeks ago now, and was it ever a shock! I had a notion several months ago that something was a mist but didn't dwell on it. I actually thought I was getting a pat on the back the day the information came down. I had posted a 4% increase over last year on sales, going to first place in the company.

Yet being in a smaller office,  I offered them a large salary savings by running the office remotely.

I was given a short severance, that was mostly all the vacation time and personal days I haven't taken over the years.

I was then asked to write the budget for the upcoming year, minus me of course or anyone acting as me. As well I have been still coming into the office for the last two weeks just as before at 7 am and answering the phone, clean up things and arguing with the corporate office on what AE budgets are and what the market can reasonably expect to produce next year.

So are you an Idiot if you have some sense of loyalty or idea to complete things to the end, even if that end only rewards some one else?

This has been seen lately in the college football ranks as coaches are fired mid-year. Some of them stay on and continue to fight through the end of the season to put the best team out their with the best results possible even though the only person that it does any good is anyone but that coach.

I think it all comes down to the way we sleep at night!

I can sleep find with people thinking I'm an Idiot, but I can't sleep at all if I felt I didn't do what I think is the right thing.

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